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Alexandre Matton

Machine Learning Research Engineer at Cohere

Currently living in N.Y.C.

About Me

I am originally from France, where I studied Maths and Computer Science at Ecole Polytechnique. I then got a Master’s degree in Computational Mathematics at Stanford University. After graduating, I started working on applied Machine Learning at Scale AI and now at Cohere. At Scale, I built ML pipelines for document processing products. At Cohere, I am currently developping NLP products around representation learning. You can read my resume for more details here.

I am passionate about leveraging NLP to address practical and impactful challenges. I have extensive experience in building complete ML pipelines, spanning from the inception stage to model deployment and monitoring. I have a bias toward action and I care about owning projects end-to-end. For these reasons, I love working in startups.


If you want to connect, please feel free to reach out at [lastname][dot]alex[at]gmail[dot]com.